The 5 Best Camping Cots for Kids

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Wanting to shop for the best camping cots for kids, but aren’t sure where to start? Sleep for kids is important on a camping trip, so they can wake up energized and ready to go without being too tired or cranky.

Here we are reviewing the best cots on the market for kids to sleep on while camping. Cots are helpful because it gives your kids a comfortable place to rest every night while out in nature.

Comparing the 5 Best Camping Cots for Kids

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REDCAMP Extra Long Kids Cot 

camping cots for kids

Suitable for: Kids up to 4’5″ tall
Weight Limit: 220 lbs

The REDCAMP Extra Long Kids Cot is perfect for toddlers and small children on your camping trip. The sturdy steel 10-leg design removes any worry that the cot will collapse during the night, and the bed folds in 10 seconds for easy storage. This cot only weighs 11.6 lbs, and a convenient travel bag is included for transport.

A side bag hangs from the side of this camping cot for kids, which makes keeps snacks, books, or a flashlight handy. REDCAMP backs their cots with a 365-day manufacturer warranty, should any problem arise with the product.


  • Supportive steel frame
  • Lightweight
  • Travel bag
  • Side bag
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • Not recommended for older children or adults

ARAER Camping Cot

best camping cot for kids

Suitable for: Kids and adults up to 6’8″ tall
Weight Limit: 450 lbs

Use the ARAER Camping Cot for kids as well as adults, making your investment go further. The steel tube structure and design ensures your loved ones can sleep soundly without worry of the cot bending or falling. The breathable yet durable fabric offers a comfortable night’s sleep. A unique feature of this camping cot is the slight angle at the head end, eliminating the need for a pillow or back discomfort when you wake up. That makes it our top pick of the best camping cots for kids – or adults!

The handy side bag hangs from the side of this cot for food, books, flashlights or your cell phone. Fold up this ARAER cot in seconds, and slide it into the included nylon bag for easy transport. This cot is a little heavier than other options at 15.8 lbs.


  • Angled head for comfort
  • Sturdy steel frame design
  • Side bag
  • Travel bag
  • Designed for kids and adults


  • Heavier than other options

Goplus Folding Camping Cot

Suitable for: Kids and adults up to 6’3″ tall
Weight Limit: 450 lbs

This Goplus Folding Camping Cot is the most price-conscious of the best camping cots for kids. Still, it offers a number of similar features as the higher priced options. It has the same durable oxford fabric to ensure a bed that holds up for a long time. Steel legs don’t offer the same design of support as others, but it still holds up to 450 lbs like they do.

A side flap offers multiple pockets for storing a water bottle, snack and other camping gear. At 12 lbs, you can easily fold up this cot and take it anywhere you need a comfortable place to rest. It also comes with a carrying bag for easy transport.


  • Best price
  • Storage organizer
  • Anti-slip padding on legs
  • Storage bag
  • Designed for kids and adults


  • Frame design doesn’t look as sturdy as others

GigaTent Kids Junior Cot

Suitable for: Kids up to 4’9″ tall
Weight Limit: 200 lbs

The GigaTent Kids Junior Cot offers just the right amount of comfort and stability that your young kids need while camping. It is a basic cot made of a polyester fabric that is durable for long-term use. The steel frame is constructed similar to that of a poolside lounge chair, made to distribute the child’s weight for a comfortable sleep and to reduce the chances of damage to the tent floor.

Anti-skid pads also protects the tent floor and makes sure the cot won’t move during the night. The kids cot easily folds in half and slides into the included storage bag for easy transport.


  • Sits lower to the floor
  • Anti-skid pads on legs
  • Storage bag


  • No side bag for storage
  • Frame design doesn’t look as supportive

Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk

Suitable for: Kids up to 5″ tall
Weight Limit: 200 lbs

The Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk is a perfect, space-saving solution in a tent if you have two small children. Designed for children ages 7-12, it gives each child their own sleeping space without the need for two separate cots. Still, the bunks are compact, and the space they take up when assembled are: 65″ L X 32.5″ W X 32″. The beds can be separated, if desired, or they can be transformed into a sitting bench.

The durable polyester fabric conforms to the child’s body without the need of a middle brace. Assembly requires no tools and one person can get the job done easily. Each cot comes with a storage organizer for your children’s snacks, drinks, or lights. Two storage bags are included to hold all the parts of these two cots.


  • Unique, space-saving design
  • Storage organizer
  • Stack or separate the beds


  • Frame design looks less supportive than other options
  • No middle brace could mean discomfort for your child

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Are the best camping cots for kids worth it?

You may wonder if your child even needs a cot to sleep on while camping. The comfortable bed that a cot offers is beneficial in a few different ways. For one, the cot will help your keep better regulate your child’s temperature throughout the night. Being elevated off the ground allows better airflow around your child, keeping them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Plus, the polyester fabric design that these cots offer tends to be more comfortable than the hard ground each night. It’s likely that your kids will rest better on a camping cot than directly on the Earth.

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What to look for in a Kids Camping Cot


You certainly want to choose a sleeping arrangement for your child that keeps them safe during the night. Look for a sturdy steel frame that supports your kid as they sleep. It’s also important that you opt for a strong fabric to keep them sleeping comfortably all night long. Anti-slip padding on the legs are also beneficial to keep the cot stationary throughout the night.


Since you will likely want to store the cot at night, make sure you choose one that is easy to fold and keep out of the way. This frees up space in your tent to move about during the day. Most of the best camping cots for kids come with a convenient storage bag too, so you can easily transport the cot where you need it anytime.

Extra Features

Don’t overlook some special features that can come with kids camping cots. That handy storage bag on the side of the bed is perfect for your kids to store items they may need during the night. Also, the ARAER Camping Cot we featured provides a slight angle at the head of the cot, so your kids can sleep in comfort without needing a pillow.


Of course, we always want to get the best deal for our money. With the best camping cots for kids, this is no exception. We have provided you with several options, including one that’s good for a tight budget.

Best Camping Cots for Kids
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